Flora & Fauna

The planet Earth is a beautiful place to live in. Life has flourished on the planet, thanks to the bountiful sun and vast oceans of water. No matter where we go on the planet, there are stunning plants, flowers and animals that catch are attention. Planet earth has been blessed.

We have complex ecological systems that not only provide us with resources, but make the world a more beautiful place to live in. Little of this wouldn’t be possible without the varying flora and fauna of the earth. Each plant and animal in the world brings something to the environment that another plant or animal including man, will rely on.

The plants of the earth produce the oxygen that is breathed by the fauna and in turn, the fauna exhales the carbon dioxide that the flora need to live. This creates a balance of life that enables the life cycle to survive. Much of the flora and fauna of the earth can be seen, but there is a very large percentage that has yet to be named and even discovered.